I create your highly emotional cinematic portrait film or you can just book me as your video editor to get the very best out of your video material. I also offer stock video footage and detailed PDF instructions for download that will take your social video content to the next level.

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benjamin holz

The magic of the digital future is authenticity. Without question. Where personal contacts turn into video calls and mannequins become Google Ads, sympathies still arise on a human level. I see transforming these sympathies as the focus of my work. I relate ratio and emotion to one another.

As a freelance filmmaker I create cinematic portraits that answer the question of your individual »why«. Very few people and companies know their individual »why«, understood as the meaning and context, as the overarching framework for daily routines. Understood as questions such as: Why do I produce exactly this product? Why am I offering exactly this service? Or also: Why did I choose my profession? Paradoxically, it is precisely this »why« that ultimately favors the decision for the company, for a service or for the purchase of a product. With my authentic portraits I take a look behind the scenes. I support people and companies in the presentation of their very individual »why«, their very own meaning and context, their individual overarching framework for daily rountines. I tell the story behind the person or company. This creates customer loyalty through authenticity, personalization, emotionalisation and the mediation of sympathy. If you order your cinematic portrait today, it will soon support your viral marketing concept in successfully transforming the sensitive boundaries between ratio and emotion and bring you a few steps closer to your customers.

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